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Camera Obscura Red Blend 2022

Camera Obscura Red Blend 2022

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  • California - USA
  • 2022 - Red Blend
  • 13.8 % Alc - 750 ml

Named for its revolutionary “dark chamber,” the Camera Obscura was a marvel of the 16th century. It provided artists with a clever drawing aide and allowed sky gazers to observe eclipses. Inspired by this historic device, Camera Obscura Red Blend is an inky-dark red wine that reveals its own wonders.

Camera Obscura marries two rare grape varieties, Petit Verdot and Tannat, both of which are originally from France. Petit Verdot features in the great red wines of Bordeaux, while Tannat hails from the country’s rugged southwest. Both varieties thrive in California, where the warm, sunny climate allows the thick-skinned grapes to ripen fully and develop seriously intense flavors.

As you pour the wine, you’ll immediately notice its beautifully deep, dark color—the inspiration behind its name. Then, enjoy the intriguing aromas of ripe black fruits and wild herbs, followed by a wonderfully concentrated, well-structured palate. It’s an ideal match for roasted meats, firm cheeses and more hearty, flavorful foods.

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