About Us

Established in 1990 by Nicholas Lucca and Edward Jack, Lionstone International emerged as a prominent import and distribution entity within the alcoholic beverage industry. Our founding vision was centered on introducing innovative solutions to the prevailing market challenges.

Lionstone specializes in the meticulous sourcing and importation of premium wines from diverse global origins. Holding permits for wine distribution and licensed wholesaling in key regions within California, New York, and Ohio, we offer an extensive array of high-quality wines across varying price points.

Central to our ethos is the spotlighting of winemakers, wineries, and vineyards worldwide, showcasing their craftsmanship and dedication. Additionally, we specialize in curating bespoke wine portfolios tailored explicitly for wine clubs, further amplifying our commitment to excellence and diversity.

Our Services

At Lionstone International, our services cater specifically to the demands of direct selling, emphasizing exclusive labels, distinctive packaging, compelling product narratives, and an unwavering focus on both quality and value. With a proven track record in crafting innovative wine portfolios tailored for direct marketing, we are poised to share our expertise into the retail sphere.

Supported by a robust network comprising over 700 global suppliers, our portfolio boasts more than 200 exclusive offerings, available for shipping within Ohio, New York, and California. Our specialized services cater to a spectrum of stakeholders, including US wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and auction houses. We provide comprehensive support encompassing product procurement, compliance, and seamless distribution.

In a recent expansion, Lionstone has ventured into the realm of designing and sourcing distinctive wine accessories, such as corkscrews and wine-totes, specifically targeted at national companies, further diversifying our range of offerings and expertise.