A reminder on the credit rules in New York

Sorry to bring this up but always good to remember that New York have strict rules about how and when retailers must pay for their wine purchases.  Below is Lionstone's policy in accordance with the stated guidelines.

  • Retailers purchasing liquor or wine will be given 30 days credit to pay the invoice
  • Acceptable payments methods are check, ACH debit or Melio
  • A friendly reminder email will be sent as your payment date gets close.  If your payment is pending, please disregard the email while our systems catch up processing your payment
  • In accordance with NY SLA guidelines, if you purchase on credit and fail to pay the invoice on time, you will be placed on the delinquent list, also referred to as the “C.O.D.” (cash-on-delivery) list
  • You will remain on the delinquent list until you pay that bill and cleared funds are received. While you are on the delinquent list, no wholesaler can sell you alcoholic beverages on credit.
  • Please note delinquency reporting is not optional, however you will be notified on or before the notification date

As a NY Licensed wholesaler, we are unable to extend credit to any retailer on the C.O.D. List. Prior to delivering a product to a retailer, we are responsible for checking your delinquent status. If our search shows that you are delinquent, we will only sell on a C.O.D. (cash on delivery) basis.

Click here for the link to NY Wine Payment calendar for 2024

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to the team here who would be happy to help!
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