International Supplier T&C's


Below are the terms and conditions of this Purchase Order or Purchase Agreement. No alternative terms are acceptable, and changes render the order(s) invalid. In compliance with US alcoholic beverage laws, this purchase order is being issued by Lionstone International.

Upon receipt of this Purchase Order/Agreement, Return signed Purchase Order via email to & Purchase Agreement to as confirmation no later than 3 business days after receipt. Please advise of any discrepancies that may occur in the merchandise description, price or delivery date prior to Collection Date.

Marketing Info and Samples (for each reservation):

Please fill out this brief questionnaire of product information for marketing purposes:

Click for Marketing Information Request

When wine is bottled, please send three sample bottles of the finished product by courier to the following address:

SLJ Group Lionstone International
Attention: SAMPLES

18 Marshall St
Norwalk, CT 06854

Tel: 847-247-8755 ext. 6088
Tracking number is to be emailed to:

New Suppliers/New Products must fill out the following documents and send the form back to within 14 days of receipt of the Purchase Agreement.

Click here for New Supplier & New Product Form


Listed below is the Compliance Packet for this order. Each item has very important instructions and information necessary for making the product(s) compliant within US federal regulations. All the compliance material to be returned via email to Lionstone’s compliance team within 14 days of receipt of reservation.

Compliance Contact:

Compliance Packet: 

Click for Compliance Request An overview of materials needed within 14 days of the reservation date.
Click for Back Label Template Our guide and template for US Back Labels outlining the preferred placement of EAN13 Barcode and Product Code.
Click for Appointment Letter Our Appointment Letter template to be used on Supplier’s Letterhead.
Click for Vendor Compliance Guidelines A full outline of Requirements for all Vendors and Suppliers including Contact Information.

Shipping Logistics:

Please have goods ready for collection/shipping by Lionstone’s freight forwarder (listed on the Purchase Order) on or before the Collection Date listed on the Purchase order. Supplier is to ship no products other than those listed on the Purchase Order unless otherwise approved in writing. Please make sure that the pallets are evenly distributed in the container. Unevenly loaded cargo could cause additional handling and damages resulting in fines and penalties.

Packing and Loading Instructions:

Any charges and/or penalties cause by the supplier withheld and/or incorrect information will be the responsibility of the vendor.

    • The pallet must not exceed 68” or 172 cm in height, including the height of the pallet
    • Load the wine with the corks up in cartons with dividers
    • Ensure labels on the bottle are dry prior to packing the cases
    • Seal Cases with a single strip of tape and not glued
    • Mark cases with Product Name, Vintage, Product Code (IC Code), Case Barcode, Case Pack Quantity and Country of Origin
    • Use Grade A GMA pallets only
    • Instead of wooden pallets, wine can be loaded on plastic slip-sheets. If the supplier chooses to use wooden pallets, it is important that they do comply with the Wood Packing Materials regulations. Please see the following link for assistance:
    • Tightly shrink wrap pallets to prevent any damage with at least 3 layers of shrink wrap
    • Provide the freight forwarder with Invoice and Packing list for each load

Invoicing & Documents:
Upon collection of merchandise, email the invoice, Packing List, and Certificate of Origin (imports from Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa) to and no later than 3 business days after collection of merchandise. Each load/shipment must have its own separate invoice.

To properly clear US Customs, the following must be listed on the invoice:

1. Item Number & Description
2. Total carton/case count
3. Number of bottles per carton/case
4. Total bottles per shipment
5. Bottle volume (ml)
6. Type of wine (white, red, sparkling, etc.)
7. Alcohol % by volume
8. Producer’s name and address
9. Producer’s FDA registration number (valid)
10. Country of origin

Please ensure that winery is registered with the Food and Drug Administration per mandatory U.S. regulations. You can register your facility at the website

If this has not been done previously, the registration will be straightforward, and you will receive a registration number immediately. Lionstone International can be indicated as US Agent.

A full Requirements for our Partners including Contact Information can be found here: Click here for Vendor Compliance Guidelines (Updated 2022).