Our Services | Product Selection and Importation

With more than four decades of experience with wine direct-sales companies, Lionstone International’s primary service is the planning, sourcing, and importation of wines and spirits specifically designed for retailers selling direct to the consumer programs.

Direct-selling has unique requirements, among which are the need for exclusive labels, special packaging, and products with interesting stories. Of course, quality and value are always extremely important.

Lionstone has taken its years of experience and applied it to finding unique products for retailer’s niche. Lionstone has successfully maintained innovative wine portfolios for its agents which are optimized for direct marketing in all of its forms. Currently, Lionstone works with more than 700 suppliers worldwide and has over 200 exclusivities in its portfolio.

Lionstone provides specialty services to USA wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, and auction houses assisting them with product procurement , compliance, and distribution

An expanding network of international contacts has also enabled Lionstone to design and outsource a number of unique wine accessories, from corkscrews to wine-totes, which have been marketed to such national companies as Trader Joe’s.


Since 1990 Lionstone International has developed a system of distribution for interstate shipping of alcoholic beverages which includes the following activities and accompanying benefits:


The management of Lionstone International has worked closely with Siegel, Moses, & Schoenstadt, one of the leading authorities in alcoholic beverage law. Together, they maintain open communication with the state regulators for alcoholic beverage control, getting their advice and approval for the marketing plans of the company’s affiliates.


The repeal of Prohibition came with a couple of conditions. Most importantly each state was allowed to set up its own regulation of alcoholic beverages. This has led to a system of registration, label approvals, and postings that requires specialists to effectively manage the tasks of compliance. Lionstone has a staff of experts in getting the necessary approvals in a timely manner.

Three-Tier Network

The government also set up a required three-tier system of distribution with suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. Products must flow through each of these ‘tiers.’ Current licenses are held in Illinois, California and New York. In addition, Lionstone has NRD (Non-Resident Dealer) licenses in 27 states.


Besides working with the products selected and imported by Lionstone itself, the company also provides clearance services for companies looking to distribute their own products. There has been a strong response from small wineries both here at home, as well as abroad, looking for access to the US wine market.